Managing Partner

Dr. Daryl L. Jones

Dr. Daryl L. Jones earned his Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Michigan State University, and his MBA from DePaul University. After managing businesses in the automotive and consumer packaged goods industries, Daryl was recruited by Nike to help lead the  global sports company’s initial launch of products into the golf industry.  Ultimately, his executive tenure at Nike spanned over 20 years, including roles as Director of Diversity & Inclusion, Head of Global Sales for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and VP/GM of Nike’s largest region globally with over $2.3B in annual revenue.

Philanthropically, as founder and president of the E-5 Foundation based in Chicago, IL, Daryl established a non-profit entity focused on the transformation of Chicago’s underserved youth in critical areas of development.  The underpinnings of E-5’s youth development philosophy and focus were Education, Exercise, Exploring, Eating Right, and ultimately…Evolving into rightly-guided adults.  Key partners included Chicago Public Schools, Upward Bound, and Whole Foods.  E-5’s success was fueled by its core principles of servitude, partnership, and results; and significantly impacted the lives of Chicago’s youth across many dimensions of their evolution into adulthood.

In 2018 Daryl earned his Doctorate of Management at Case Western Reserve University.  While pursuing his doctorate, he was a professor at the University of Oregon and Pacific University.  Daryl developed and taught curriculum in both Organizational Development and Product Strategy, at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.  His doctoral studies at Case Western focused on leadership development, organizational transformation, & organizational crisis.  Daryl had the honor of being invited to present his qualitative doctoral paper “Sports Leaders, Sensemaking, Self-preservation: Uncovering the Real Crisis in Sport” at the European Decision Sciences Conference in Udine, Italy, and was awarded Case Western Reserve’s Doctorate of Management Practitioner-Scholar award in 2018 for command of knowledge within his field of focus, use of appropriate evidence and sound rigorous methods, and impact of scholarly works in the field of management.

 Daryl currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ where he is a consultant in Leadership Development, Organizational Transformation, and DE&I.

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