Chief Nursing Officer for PeopleMed

Julie Ebersole

Julie Ebersole is the Chief Nursing Officer for PeopleMed.  Julie has over 17 years of experience  in executive nursing leadership. She is celebrated for her honest, transparent leadership style.  Julie started her career as a BMT nurse at the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix.  She holds a master’s degree in Nursing with an emphasis in leadership and management from Walden University in Minneapolis, MN.

Julie’s vast experience in clinical operations has earned her a reputation for being a leader in startup organizations. She has the proven ability to stay on target and to exceed startup organizational goals.  Julie’s greatest strengths pertain to process improvements, streamlining systems and service, medical services and operations, trend forecasting, healthcare analytics, internal organizational growth, nursing service oversight, effective organization and follow-up, and hazard/incident prevention  mitigation.

Julie is recognized as an expert in team leadership and mentoring. Her ability to create and uphold staff training development and retention initiatives is second to none. Team collaboration and maintaining satisfaction rates in the upper 90th percentile with not only her team but those that she serves as well.

Julie is a proud mother of 4 wonderful children. Three of Julie’s children have served or are still serving in the United States Air Force.  Her youngest daughter has plans to be in the health care field.   Julie’s husband is an officer in the United States Air Force.  They share their love of nursing as he is a flight nurse in the USAF.  Julie and her family enjoy cooking meals together, camping, and taking a yearly trip together.

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