President & Co-Founder

Sherri Mitchell

Sherri Mitchell is the Co-Founder and President of All About People and brings two decades of recruiting expertise to clients and candidates.  Her passion to impact the lives of those that we serve is second to none.  She has a contagious energy and a gift when it comes to understanding corporate talent acquisition needs and how to best reverse-engineer brilliant recruiting strategies.

Sherri is a dynamic leader with extensive experience leading and building practice groups within All About People to best meet the needs of all the hiring leaders that we partner with coast-to-coast.  She has a demonstrated track record of exceeding financial goals and identifying new revenue sources. She is renowned for creating new partnerships and bringing meaningful opportunities to fruition.

Sherri is an innovator and recognized as a subject matter expert within leadership circles.  She is celebrated as a creative thinker who is wildly competitive and determined. Most commonly, she is recognized as innovative, extremely ambitious, poised and known for building sustaining relationships in both the corporate world and the broader community that we serve.

Above all else, Sherri is the mother of 3 beautiful children.  For fun, she and her family love to travel all over the world, while enjoying friends and family.  Sherri is also a curious thinker, enjoys lifelong learning and is an active member of YPO Arizona.  Philanthropically, Sherri and her husband & business partner, Charles are entrenched in enriching the lives of children through education as well as supporting research for autism and other related neurological disorders. 

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