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Divisions PeopleMed Healthcare Staffing

We believe everyone deserves quality healthcare and finding great medical personnel for our clients and their patients inspires the work we do. From Medical Billers to Nurses, we understand who you need and how to find them. Identifying quality candidates while providing great service is essential for consistently meeting the needs of those that we serve.

Focused Strategy

We develop deep relationships with your healthcare staff to better understand the unique needs and challenges of your operation. We leverage this understanding with our staffing expertise and consultative methodology to determine who fits best—from skill and aptitude to culture and values—creating a customized and strategic staffing plan to find the best talent for your organization.

Speed and Quality

From Medical Billers to CNA's, Nurses and more, we understand who you need and how to find them. We match your sense of urgency and your demand for excellence. Quality is essential to those whom we serve, and efficiency is a necessity given the critical nature of the healthcare industry.

Industry-leading Organizations

The clients for whom we staff represent some of the most desired places to work in the healthcare industry. From leading hospital networks to specialty surgery centers and innovative medical practice groups, we help qualified and talented jobseekers connect with organizations that are great places for professionals to establish themselves and develop their careers.