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Leaders and Organizations must have more than the best ideas, best talent and better ability to execute in the competitive landscape of today. They must also possess a greater understanding of the new paradigms and models now critical to personal and organizational success which are rapidly changing and vastly different than historical structures in business. The old tools in the dusty toolbox are outdated and new mechanisms are required to build sustainable companies as well as successful careers. The Paradigm Lab (“TPL”) brings expert guidance and structured advisory services to navigate critical areas necessary for growing and sustaining businesses while offering a clear lens through which to chart a better path forward.

Leadership Development

For a myriad of reasons, we operate with existing paradigms in our personal lives that have significant impact in our professional lives. Factors such as education, culture, gender, race, and lived experiences inform both conscious and subconscious ways in which we view people and as well as how we make sense of phenomena. Our existing paradigms become bedrocks for the decisions that we make, whether we realize it or not. At TPL, we help you self-discover your own subconscious patterns and operating paradigms, and provide tools to recognize and manage biases. As a business leader equipped with these tools, you’ll operate with much greater understanding, awareness, and confidence - both personally and professionally.

Paradigm Transformation
Sense-making Frameworks

Organizational Development

Consumers are increasingly diverse, discerning, and unpredictable. As a result, the external marketplace can create tremendous headwinds for organizations. In order to address these challenges and equip your team for success, espoused values must be practiced by your organization and brought to life for your consumers. And it is paramount that your company’s culture permeates the organization for your employees. No matter what industry you operate in, TPL can help you reach your full potential by realizing and developing the organizational competencies required to achieve your true vision in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

Company Values
Company Culture
Organizational Competencies

DE&I Solutions

To say that 2020 has been a year of compounding pressure and increasingly high risk is an understatement; especially for entrepreneurs and business leaders. If DE&I isn’t a core part of your business strategy, it should be. Organizations who don’t lead in DE&I lose ground to competitors in today’s environment and become followers or worse; casualties of old systems and paradigms that are no longer strategies for winning in the marketplace. TPI can help. Implementing an ongoing DE&I strategy for your organization requires keen insights and proven methods. An effective diversity strategy is a must, and we can help you identify a Northstar specific to DE&I that works for your industry, your brand, and your organization. We guide you in developing a DE&I roadmap that equips you as a leader, and empowers all members of your organization to become diversity champions, attract the best talent and most importantly, achieve your company vision.

DE&I Learning & Development
Self-identity Exploration
Racial Sensitivity & Bias
DE&I Executive Recruitment
Diverse Talent Management
DE&I Advisory/Board of Directors